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Play one of the most popular card games in the MIddle East, Tarneeb, at VIP Tarneeb. This is a trick-taking team game for 4 players. Match with friends or find new partners online in this awesome game that challenges your skill, as well as your strategic thinking. Join thousands of other players over the internet and experience the thrill that Tarneeb brings.

Best Card Platform to Meet New Friends

What makes VIP Tarneeb better than the other games is the community behind it. You can spend countless hours here, meeting new friends, upgrading your game skill, or just casually discussing different hands and situations. By joining VIP Tarneeb you will get access to:

  • Different rooms, according to the skill level you wish to play.
  • Equal opponents, regardless of your level of play.
  • Free training that lets you learn the rules and basic game strategy.
  • Fast and reliable matchmaking platform.
  • Social interactions between players, such as likes, personal messages, profile gallery and much more.
  • In game gift sending and emojis to show your feelings of your partner’s style of play.
  • Global chat to discuss hands, boast about victories or simply discuss the game.

Play Tarneeb on Any Device

VIP Tarneeb is completely responsive to every device. You can login with the same account and experience the same intuitive interface via your personal computer, your smartphone, your tablet or even your Smart TV. The game is perfectly optimised to run smoothly on any device. VIP Tarneeb can be played on Windows, Android OS and iOS.

Become a Part of the Biggest Online Tarneeb Community

Tired of waiting to find other players? Sick of always matching with teammates below your level? Join VIP Tarneeb to escape this! With hundreds of players online at any given time and an advanced matchmaking algorithm you will always be connected with players that will challenge your skills. Our ever-growing player count gives you the best conditions to play a nice game of Tarneeb.

Constantly Improving Gameplay

Apart from all that, we want to give you much more. Monthly patches and upgrades are always planned ahead and game improvements. What’s more, we always listen to our players and their advices. We try to implement every wish our users want to see in the game. You can always advice us on features you want to see at


If you encounter any problems while playing VIP طرنيب or have questions regarding the game, please take a look at the FAQ section of our site. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.